Red Sand

Gentle waves.

Gentle waves.

I started this one several weeks ago and then let it sit. Last night I looked at it again and decided a few changes were in order. I simplified the land and sky areas. I love these abstract landscapes. When I start one I never really know what will happen. Prints from my Abstract page.

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Radient 2

Outpouring of energy.

Outpouring of energy.

Sometimes art just happens. Such is the case with Radient 2. I wasn’t planning on working. Even while it was happening I didn’t think I would keep it. I just started playing with this and it happened. To me it is energy and whatever anyone else sees or feels is equally correct.

And yes the spelling is deliberate. Prints from my Abstracts Page.

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AfterA grand experiment gone right. Yep that is what this latest figure painting is. I bought new software last week on a whim. My expectations were not especially high since ArtRage is not especially expensive. There are some quirks but overall it is useable.

After is the first piece I completed with the software and I’m pretty pleased with the result. To make it interesting, I opened the title up on my Facebook page ( ). I’ve been posting there tidbits about what I’ve been doing. This time I decided to solicit suggestions for a title. There were many suggestions but After kept coming up in one form or another. ┬áPrints from my figures page.

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Yellow Frangipani

Yellow FrangipaniInspired by photographs I took while in Hawaii in 2009. A week in Hawaii was not enough. But memories are aided by the over 1200 pictures and hours of video that Mark and I took while there. Returning to this simple but beautiful flower made for a nice break from all the abstracts I’ve been doing. Prints available through my Floral page.

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Dark Into Light

Dark Into LightThis is one of those pieces that can be interpreted several ways. One perspective is to see it as light overcoming dark. The inverse is equally true. It could be argued that this is nothing more than a study of shadows. Whatever viewpoint is taken there is more than meets the eye. Prints available though my Abstracts page.

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