The Block

It happens to everyone in the creative arts, a point is reached where inspiration has dried up.  At this moment I have probably at least a dozen pieces waiting to be completed but my heart is in none of them.  Oh I’ll get back to them eventually. I did after all start them because it was good subject material. The point is, at this point in time there is no passion, and for me that is part of the creative process.

And I am passionate about my art.  There is a bit of my soul in every finished piece.  I spend hours and hours working to get it right, to convey an emotion, capture a moment in time or illustrate an idea.

Sometimes, like now, the passion isn’t there and I fiddle, darting from piece to piece getting almost nothing done. I need to feel inspired, to have that intensity of completely focusing on a piece to the exclusion of all else. I need to work for hours glancing at the clock and be surprised that three or four hours have gone by.

It will come.  I’ve been here before and I know that an idea will capture my imagination and I’ll be off.  Until then, I’ll fiddle.

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