Review And Looking Forward

It isn’t uncommon at the start of a new year to look back and review accomplishments for the past year. I think to a certain extent just about everyone does it.

2007 was a good year for me in terms of art produced. Landscapes, florals, figures and imaginative works were all completed in 2007. Some of the pieces that I’m most proud of are Bird On The Beach, Lake Sunset, Or, Dance In Hell, Water Lily, Desert Sunset, and, Daisies & Pitcher. Especially gratifying are Or and Dance In Hell. Both are conceptual pieces with which I hope to stimulate thought.

Looking forward into 2008 I foresee more landscapes, possibly some still lifes and hopefully more conceptual pieces. The later is dependent upon the muses. I think I like to do a series but that too will depend upon being inspired by a particular subject or concept. There is an idea floating around in my mind which would compliment Or.

Most of all, for 2008 is the desire to continue to explore methods and styles. Digital art has so many possibilities for creative expression. Most of the time I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface.

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