Website Redesign

Screenshot of the new design.

No, I haven’t lost my focus on art. I’m still committed to spending more time and energy promoting my artwork. Part of the that effort is being spent on updating my art website. I haven’t changed it in quite a while and I never was all that crazy about the last design. Then I wasn’t as concerned with design as function. Now I’m hoping to do a little better on both.

I had briefly considered using a template but looking over what was available I was quickly reminded why I don’t care for templates. They all tend to look alike. A little color change here, maybe shift an element over there and that is supposed to be a different design. Having worked as a graphic designer I can appreciate how even a small change can make a huge difference in appearance. Still I think I’d rather just figure out a design on my own.

What I want is something simple without a lot of bells and whistles. The focus needs to be on the art and not design. Yet the design should still be visually pleasing and at least have enough visual impact to drawn someone in.  A Flash based design is out. Far too difficult to maintain and Flash isn’t known for search engine optimization capatibility. I had considered actually writing some programming code and put it all in a database that would allow me to just update the database. That may happen eventually but initially I’ll probably just be doing it in good old HTML.

Right now, the image above is what I’m looking at. Not at all snazzy but clean and I hope will put all the emphasis on the art.

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