Recession And Art

I suppose in many ways I’m very lucky. I’m not dependent upon art sales to make my living. Selling a painting or a print is like getting a bonus.  It is extra money that I don’t count on to pay bills.

I’m not alone in the lack of sales.  I know other artists who also report sales are slow or non-existent. Discretionary income has been reduced at all levels and art falls under the category of a discretionary purchase for just about everyone.

The question becomes what then does an artist do when no one is buying? The answer, keep painting, sculpting, keep creating art. If you are like me, you really don’t have any choice. When the muse taps my shoulder I can’t ignore her.

I’m lucky in another aspect, working in digital means aside from the electricity used, I don’t have to spend any money on supplies. Unless I need a new pack of nibs for my tablet pen that is.

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