Painting Confusion – The Drawing

In the past I’ve tried to take snapshots of works as they progress but sooner or later I’ll forget at some stage and then the effort is lost. I’m trying it again, but this time I’m going to post them as I do it. Maybe I’ll actually get snapshots of every major step.

Most of my paintings begin as a drawing.  In general they aren’t terribly detailed, just the shapes and indications of major light and dark points. Digital drawings unlike my conventional drawings tend to be less detailed.  I haven’t exactly mastered a digital drawing techniques, so I tend to use a cross hatch method of shading.  As a preliminary for a painting it works well enough.  As a stand alone drawing there is room for improvement.

The painting as I envision it will have a limited color palette, black and blue. In my mind confusion if a blue emotion so the entire figure will be done in blue with a black background. The concept I think is great. Hopefully I can pull it off.

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