The Maui Video

It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve had anything to post. Evidence to the contrary, I have been very busy. The last week of May my husband and I were able to travel to Maui, Hawaii. It was a once in a life time trip and we made the most of it. Not only did we return with many wonderful memories but we also came back with over a thousand pictures and a couple hours of video.

Upon returning I spent the better part of week just sorting through the photos. I spent several more days resizing and posting them on a subdirectory of my site.

Once I had the pictures posted, them I selected a few to upload to Redbubble for purchase. Those can be seen here.

Once that was all done, then I started tackling the video. I wanted to tell the story of what we saw and did while on Maui. And to make it available to everyone, I wanted to post the whole thing up on YouTube. It took me over a week to put it all together and then I discovered that it was way too long for YouTube. They allow a maximum of 10 minutes for a video. In total, my complete video came in over 40 minutes. So I went back and broke it into segements. In the end there were six segments and I even added a few more still shots to the first one. You can see all of them on my YouTube channel. I hope everyone enjoys. We certain will never forget our week in paradise.


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