Not By Bread Or Art Alone

I’ve spent the better part of today ripping albums, vinyl albums that is.  Since Christmas of 2008 when I bought myself a USB turntable I’ve been working on converting all my vinyl albums to mp3.  A large task since I have several hundred of them.

Actually I’m on my third turntable since I started the conversion.  I wasn’t terribly happy with the USB turntable. Sound quality was low, in fact quite tinny. After doing a little searching on the web I found a mixer that I could connect to one of my PCs and then connect my Yamaha turntable to the mixer.  It worked great until my Yamaha turntable bit the dust. I guess 20 years is a bit much for a turntable.  I searched around for a new one but everything I found was pricey to say the least.  My must have list was direct drive and a known brand. Bells and whistles are not important to me.

For the fun of it I checked Craig’s List and actually found a used one. It is an older Technics but it works great. I don’t think the sound is quite as rich as my old Yamaha was but I’m still very happy to have it. It is many, many times better than the USB turntable and I didn’t have to break the bank to get it.

One of the truely great things about this whole process is I’m rediscovering music I had forgotten about. Being vinyl, most of these albums are from the 70s and 80s.  There are some gems in there. There are also some oddities that I’m not sure how they wound up in my collection. Possibly albums that got mixed up with mine from my military days. If that is the case then I wonder what albums of mine wound up belonging to someone else.

My only real regret is that I didn’t start doing this earlier.  Like years ago earlier.

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