Frozen In Time

I still find it amazing that there are so many out there in the art community that still just don’t understand digital.  I keep telling myself that it is merely a lack of knowledge, that they believe that digital is nothing more than clicking a mouse a few times and that the computer does all the creation.  Which is utter nonsense.  A computer creates nothing, it manipulates data as instructed.

This latest rant on the subject is brought on by an upcoming show that I had considered entering, that is until I read all the rules.  Prints are not allowed and that means digital is out.  For an artist that paints digitally, everything physical that I produce has to be a print.  The originals are computer files.

I did write to the organization sponsoring the show and did get a very nice response back that was encouraging.  They made no promises but did at least recognize that digital is becoming more prominant.

I’m willing to go a little farther and say that digital is eventually going to become dominant.  I believe that there will still be artists out there working in conventional mediums.  I think that is a good thing.  I still have several canvases and quite a few brushes that I intend to make use of, someday, maybe.

In one of the groups that I belong to, I was reminded that art shouldn’t be judged by the medium, but rather for it’s merit.  Does the piece evoke an emotional response, are the technical aspects good? Theses are the criteria that art should be judged on, not the media in which it was created.

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