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Infinite Spirals

I began this piece with the intention of creating a shifting color scheme from left to right with some sort contrast splatter from bottom left to top right. I started with the idea of reds and yellows dominating. In the … Continue reading

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Clouds and Sea

A cloudy sky over waves. Nothing complicated about this piece. Prints available from Fine Art America.

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More Photos

This gallery contains 4 photos.

So I spent Christmas 2015 in Paris, France and New Year 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany. Yeah, it was a great trip with tons of pictures. Most of them were pure tourist fare, but a few I thought stood out. Those … Continue reading

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Verdant Cliffs

Not exactly new art as newly abandoned as DiVinci would say. I started this one over two years ago and until recently didn’t considered it done. Prints available through Fine Art America.

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New Direction

¬†After a couple years, I’m still not feeling inspired to paint. It happens to me. Whatever muse drives me abandons me and forcing it results in pieces I quickly trash. Sometimes many years will pass. I have however been taking … Continue reading

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