Verdant Cliffs

Verdant Cliffs

Verdant Cliffs

Not exactly new art as newly abandoned as DiVinci would say. I started this one over two years ago and until recently didn’t considered it done. Prints available through Fine Art America.

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New Direction

PondAtLongwood¬†After a couple years, I’m still not feeling inspired to paint. It happens to me. Whatever muse drives me abandons me and forcing it results in pieces I quickly trash. Sometimes many years will pass.

I have however been taking photographs and I’ve grown to love my digital camera as well as my iPhone camera. Just like with painting, digital has major advantages over traditional. No film processing!

Landscapes and nature seems to be my forte and for now I’m going to run with it. Even though I live in a major metropolitan area, there is plenty of nature around and fall is in full swing.

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ArchedThis one has been in a state of “almost complete” for several years. I recently dusted it off and finished it. Prints available from my website.



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2nd Saturday @ Grooveground

So this for me is exciting. My art will appear at Grooveground in Collingswood, New Jersey starting February 7, 2014 going through the rest of the month. The address is:

647 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108

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I had originally done this as a background for a different piece. A piece that I completely abandoned. Some paintings are meant to be and the previous incarnation of this one was not. It sat around for quite some time until I recently rediscovered it. A little more work and a few touchups and it is ready to go.

Prints from my abstract page.

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